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Minis Showcase Reel

This video gives a you little demo snippet of our live laser control in various size events, from indoor to outdoor, small & large live displays!

We can cater for any colour palette or shape & design

Choreographed Laser Shows!

Pirates - Laser Show

Glory - Laser Show

Holding many stock choreographed laser shows in our portfolio with a vast selection of music, time encoded to accompany the precise laser movements of each show, it gives our clients a variety of shows to easily find the best fit for their event. Just like the two above, more examples can be found on our YouTube page by clicking the link below. They can vary from single projector shows, to 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 7 individually controlled projectors to give you a jaw dropping visual display.

We can also offer custom built shows, specific to any piece of music that you would like used for your event

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